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September 2017. Live @Sunset Sunside, Paris, with Bill Hart and Graziano Guidetti.

September 2017. A close-up pig while tuning my Ibanez bass.

September 2017. A fun de-tuning moment.

Hanging out with Luigi of Bass Southwest.

June 2015. Sound check with the BH band in Atlanta.
April 2015. Donne In Canto 2015 festival, Voice & Groove live in Milan!

Nice lights in the auditorium.
A fretless profile pic.
Playing Apulia Arabian Night rearranged for bass and voice.

With the festival director, mayor and the cultural council memeber before the show.
Time for the encore.
March 2015. Arrived in Guadalajara and eating the first mexican dinner very late in the night!

Rehearsing with the band and new friends.
With the festival flyer.
Equinocio festival with the Guachimontones pyramids logo lights.
A fun moment with the horns special guest on stage.
Me and Juangui punching the groove. 
Lights on the last tune. 
Day off visiting the amazing Guachimontones archeological site. 
Playing in a Tala club . 
Second day off spending time in Guadalajara downtown.
The Conservatoire music theater. 
October 2014. Work in progress for Grooving w/ Hybrid Technique book video. 

One of the camera positions. 
Marco Maggiore on drums. Let's groove! 

The safe way to mount the GoPro on Sadowsky headstock!

November 2013. Arrived in Salzburg and visiting a bit the old city. 
The statue of one of the giants in the music history. 
A shot with the Mozart statue! 

Old and elegant buildings. 
The Mozart birth and childhood home. 

A nice view of the Salzburg night lights on the river.
With Gerald Endtrasser and Brigitte Fessman before my performance in Salzburg. 
Who is the guy in the picture?

Nice lights on the PlanB stage.
A good pic that show Gerald Endstrasser on drums, in the spot.
After 48 Hour Odyssey live, the special guest Cecilio Perez on guitar.

Mexico, Italy and Austria on the stage.
On my way back home. A fairy tale landscape in the Alps.
December 2011. Arrived in Madrid and getting my pass for the event. 
The main performance venue of the Bass Day. Setting up my rig. 

My new Aguilar endorsement. First live show for my  Tone Hammer 500.
Ok, everything it works perfect. The sound is simple a blast! 
A walking in the wonderful Madrid downtown.
Finally had the chance to eat the fame Paella. Simply amazing!
The buildings are wonderful. I love the architecture! 
Here we go, let's start.

My performance started.
Slap groove, maybe Apulia Arabian Night?
Meeting new fan, is always an happy moment.
New friend at the Fender booth after checked a wonderful 5 strings jazz bass.
Spending time with new fan.
A view of the nice clinic room.
My clinic at the Bass Day.
Time to catch my flight. Madrid we'll see you soon.
March 2011. With the Sonora Accademy crew in Sicily! 
Relaxing before the clinic. 
The opening track! 
A nice photo while playing. 
Trying to compare a dynamic concept with a ski slope :-) 
A funny collage of Italian hands explanation. 
My friend Salvone and my youngest fan Chiaretta Lupo after the clinic. 
After some years another dream come true, sharing with Marcus a copy of my first album! 
2009. Touring with Bill Hart trio together Allen Gant. 
The magic of stage lights on my rigs.
Live at the Atlanta Institute of Music. 48 Hour Odyssey on the road! 
Together Allen Gant on "High Damper" groove. 
In the pocket with the band. 
A nice view of Joe Gransden on trumpet!

Bill Hart on guitar. 
Jez Graham on Keyboards. 
The soft moment on the notes of "Love Despite The Distance". 
A solo bass moment playing "L'illy Time".. 

Calling the end.
Somewhere in Alabama after a wonderful concert with the jazz singer Jane Drake!
Looks who I found at Barnes and Noble...
My corner in some music venue during Bill Hart's 2009 tour.
In Tallahassee with the Bill's trio waiting at the hotel hall for the Tornado alert calm down.. 
Jacksonville. Jax Jazz Festival. The dark blue of storm! 
The show start after a big storm. 
It was a super hot and humid afternoon. 

The last tune, see you soon Jacksonville!
January 2008. Recording 48 Hour Odyssey. Starting.

Marcus Finnie playing.

Mike Whittaker on rhodes. 
Rod McGaha recording his "low note". 
Jonathan Jackson taking aim!
With Marcus Finnie.
The producer: Mr. Adam Nitti.
With Rod McGaha, a "giant" of the trumpet.
Recording. Jonathan and his "funny sax".
Recording. Recording a difficult piece!
Bill Hart recording his nylon strings guitar.
Melody Chambers take a great shoot!
The sound's engineer Russ Long!
Italians Break!
April 2006. Jacksonville. On the road with the Bill Hart Project!
Arrived on the festival location and setting the details.
Bill deciding the songs list.

The band: Pedro Bass, Tom Knight, Bill Hart, Randy Hoexter and me. 
Here we go... 
The show started with tv on stage!
Nice view of Bill's semi-acoustic guitar. 
With my loyal Sadowsky. 

Nice view of Randy on piano. 

Having fun with the groove and the music.

With my great friend and producer Mr. Adam Nitti.
Recording Subject to Change album.
Having fun with the "Santa" Jimmy Herring. 
Doing a studio session with an interesting music stand. 
With my big bro and the Commander Romeo Russo and the Greeeen. 
With the groove warrior Dean Brown after a great show in Atlanta. 
Atlanta 2005. Playing a bass duet with Gary Wilkins on the bass. 
The bass duet with Chill Taylor on drums. 
Starting the duet playing Marcus's "Mr Pastorius". 
The "Magic Hands" Mr. Victor Wooten. 
Spending the afternoon with Jimmy Haslip. 
My first meet with the man that made me a bass player: Mr. Marcus Miller
2003 Playing clinics at Peavey booth at Disma and Sound Expò. 
With the Italian pop singer Irene Fargo during her tour in 2002 
In concert with the italian guitarist Salvatore Russo. 
2000. In Perugia with the Berklee crew summer school. 

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