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The latest news:
Dear friends,
My YouTube channel has been updated with my first Hartke video gear.
It's a brief test, 130 seconds of different grooves style, played through the Di of TX600 head and a mic on the HyDrive HD112 cabinet.
The blend signal it's a blast, crystalline, warm and punchy tone. What else?
Recorded with my Ibanez BTB 1605 powered with my EMG pups.
I hope you like the video ad please don't forget to write your feedback and subscribe to the channel.
Happy holidays and Happy New Year!
Hey everyone,
I'm thrilled to announce that recently, I joined the Hartke family! I'm so happy and honored to be part of the artist family of this big company that, with their legendary sound helped so many great bass players to came out with their tone.
Soon I will update some video test of some exciting products as the TX600, the LH1000 and the HyDrive HD112.
See you soon on my YouTube
Dear Paris friends,
On September 14th I will perform at the Sunset Sunside Jazz Club in Paris.
It will be my first time in Paris and I'm so excited to meet new friends and french fellas. I will share the stage with Bill Hart on guitar and Graziano Guidetti on drums.
If you have a chance please stop by, see you there!
Hey everyone,
During the last days, I uploaded on my YouTube channel a couple of new videos with my Ibanez BTB equipped now with EMG pickups.
The first one is Mr. Pastorius, a bass cover from Marcus Miller's album "The Sun Don't Lie", a wonderful bass solo tune with an amazing melody, expressiveness and dynamics without mentioning the perfect blend of techniques, a true example of Hybrid Techniques.
The second video is a recording session of a new arrangement for What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life from the upcoming Dino Fiumara's album, to check how the EMG works in a groove scenario.
Both videos were recorded to Logic through a U5 DI and the Distressor compressor with very light sets. Hope you will enjoy it.


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